Emmaline Carter is an artist and photographer currently located in Cincinnati, Ohio. Carter received her B.F.A. in Fine Arts with a focus in photography from the University of Cincinnati within the school of Design, Architecture, Art and Planning. Through photo, video and sound, she explores the effects of trauma, and the traces that trauma leaves by using different methods of self-portraiture to express her own experiences with the residual nature of it and the possibility of healing in its wake.

Carter has worked as an artist assistant for artist and professor Lorena Molina during the curation of Molina's Reconciliation Garden, and has had work featured in F-Stop Magazine, Lenscratch,  and was the 2021 grant recipient for Midwest Center for Photography's Emerge award.

Outside of her studio practice, Carter is a singer-songwriter and music producer. She is also a proud vegan and animal lover.

Email: emmaline.carter@outlook.com